“… because common sense is not always common, but it makes for good strategists”
~ Jenni Williams, Women of Zimbabwe Arise

With just a few days left to apply for this year’s Fletcher Summer Institute for the Advanced Study of Nonviolent Conflict, hear some wise words from human rights defender and co-founder of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA), Jenni Williams, also a recipient of the 2013 James Lawson Award, as she describes her experience at FSI 2013:

In nearly a decade of nonviolent struggle and hundreds of protests and actions, WOZA, also meaning ‘come forward’ in Ndebele, has grown into a network of over 75,000 women and has inspired tens of thousands of women and men to stand up for their rights under Robert Mugabe’s regime. WOZA mobilizes Zimbabweans through civic education and strategic nonviolent action to demand social justice on a non-partisan basis, educate about their civic rights, and persuade ordinary people to participate in all civic processes.

“We are not fighting a revolution but for an evolution – we must change the hearts and minds of Zimbabweans. Changing heart and minds, from the bottom up.”

~ Jenni Williams presenting at FSI 2013

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