“Confusion among activists is authoritarians’ greatest ally. A checklist can bring clarity for activists’ decision-making.”

ICNC Founding Chair Peter Ackerman is working on a practical resource for movements that are stuck in a rut. And it’s as simple in design as using a grocery list… Literally.

It’s a six-item-long checklist for successful campaigns of civil resistance, and it aims to get struggling movements back on track.

His checklist bopeterok is forthcoming in 2015. In the meantime, you can read his co-authored chapter with Hardy Merriman entitled “The Checklist to End Tyranny.”

We invite our readers to do some critical thinking about the following questions which comprise Peter’s checklist:

  1. Has your campaign unified around goals and leaders?
  2. Does your campaign have an operational plan for victory?
  3. Has your campaign maintained strict nonviolent discipline?
  4. Are the numbers and diversity of participants confronting the tyrant growing?
  5. Is the impact of the tyrants’ repression diminishing towards backfiring?
  6. Are defections among the tyrants’ key supporters accelerating?