Here we are again at the end of the ICNC Summer Institute!

The Summer Institute ended just a little over one week ago, after five intense days together: 25 sessions, 19 presenters and scholars, 47 participants from 35 countries, about one million questions, countless debates – during, between and after presentations – and discussions over food and coffee spanning breaks and other free time: For many attendees – participants and faculty included – this yearly event is a unique opportunity to exchange and further advance our common understanding of civil resistance as a field of study and practice. 

The ICNC blogging team would like to thank this year’s participant contributors who shared their thoughts and impressions throughout the week with the SI alumni community and beyond. Check out their posts here. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did working with their authors!  

Please keep an eye out for presentation and session videos that we will be posting shortly on the ICNC website. In the meantime, a vast library of resources on civil resistance is at your disposal there, including an increasing number of translated resources, currently covering 48 languages. 


If you did not have the chance to be part of the 2016 Institute, and would like to explore the subject of civil resistance, ICNC has a universal classroom that offers more than 30 sessions and hundreds of articles, videos, and other relevant resources freely available online. You can find out more about our programs and other learning opportunities on our newly redesigned website.

A few closing words by the class of 2016 :

Your ICNC blogging team,

Nicola Barrach-Yousefi, Amber French and Jeff McGuire

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