FSI 2015 group photo
The 2015 FSI Participants

And so in a flash, the FSI week has come and gone! The ICNC team was once again blown away by the outstanding quality of participants. We are excited to welcome them into the FSI Alumni family, a network of now over 400 individuals strong!

We hope that this blog has provided some exciting glimpses into the intense week, as well as some helpful resources and insights into the field of study and practice that is civil resistance.

In the course of over 25 sessions, we saw for example how communities caught between warring factions use nonviolent strategies to protect themselves and mitigate the effects of civil war, how a checklist can bring clarity to activists’ decision making, and what the main ingredients for dilemma actions are.

For those who did not get to be in the room, you can watch all presentations online: All the videos of recorded sessions have been uploaded on ICNC’s website, including the video of the James Lawson Award ceremony.

If you want to be part of the adventure next year, sign up here to be among the first to receive the call for applications in early 2016!

In the meantime, to advance your understanding of strategic nonviolent action, ICNC makes many resources on nonviolent conflict available online: have a look at our extensive collection of materials, including translations, on our website, webinars on our youtube channel or dive deeper into the subject by accessing the universal e-classroom. Handheld access to all our online content is also available via the people power iphone app.

And finally, a few things currently in the pipelines to watch out for in the coming days, weeks and months:

  • An article and video-recorded interview with the Lawson Award winner, Iyad Burnat will be available in the next few days. ICNC asked him about why he chose nonviolent resistance, his role as the leader of a movement, the role that creativity plays, what gives him strength to continue his struggle, and more…
  • ICNC will be launching a new blog this year: The ICNC blog will be a go-to resource for insights, news, updates, opportunities, tools and resources for academics, activists and other groups interested in learning more about civil resistance.’ Sign up here to receive notification of its launch.