Dear Nonviolent Conflict Community,

In just a few days we will be gathering for the 11th annual ICNC Summer Institute for the Advanced Study of Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC-SI) at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. For the occasion, the ICNC team is excited to bring back the ICNCSI-Blog where we will be posting updates, highlights and soundbites from the sessions and discussions that will be taking place throughout the week. If you cannot be in the room with us, join some of the discussions virtually!

The ICNC Summer Institute is a unique program that brings together educators, organizers, journalists, scholars and veterans of social and political movements from around the world to learn about civil resistance and share experiences from their respective struggles or work in the field.

Since its first edition in 2006, over 450 participants from over 90 countries have attended the Institute. It is a place and time of intense learning, discussion, creativity and networking, but also a place of inspiration where new friendships have flourished, and the world has been rethought many times over!

During the course of the week, we will be posting daily updates from the Institute, and share with you highlights from the presentations, discussions and events.

You can also follow some of the sessions and join the debate on Twitter via #ICNCSI2016 or subscribe to the ICNCSI2016 Twitter list, and check out posts on our Facebook page! Full videos of the presentations will also be made available (coming soon).

We look forward to welcoming the Class of 2016 and seeing you online!


Your ICNC Team

For questions and additional information, please email us at